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Friday,  February 23,   2018

We at GFW High School are a Respectful, Responsible, learning community, dedicated to a Safe and Positive environment for all individuals.

Today's Lunch Menu                                                    Tomorrow's Lunch Menu 
Cheese Quesadilla                                                       Hamburger WG Bun/ Toppings
Lettuce Salad                                                               Broccoli
Corn                                                                             Sweet Potato Fries
Assorted Fruit                                                              Assorted Fruit                                
1.  Students: we have a secure entrance to the building during the day for the safety of everyone in the building.  Students ARE NOT to open the doors to let anyone in.  Visitors must be admitted by the office.    

2.  Only students in supervised activities are to be in the building after school.  Students planning to go to the game are to leave then come back for the game.

3.  Students are reminded to park in areas other than the bus area.  That area is to be kept clear for visitor parking during the day and for emergency vehicles.

4.  The Winter Formal planned for tomorrow night has been postponed due to impending weather.  The dance is rescheduled for next week Saturday, March 3rd. 

5.  Registration forms for the Trap Shooting Team are in the office. They need to be returned by March 15th.  
---- Trap Shooting team apparel orders are due March 1st. 






At GFW we practice TBird Traits, we are Respectful, Responsible, Positive and Safe.

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