Daily Announcements

Thursday, June 1,  2017

We at GFW High School are a Respectful, Responsible, learning community, dedicated to a Safe and Positive environment for all individuals.

SUMMER OFFICE HOURS:       Tuesday & Wednesday  8am - 12pm. 

1.  Schedules will be released to students on August 21st.  If you find there is a mistake in your schedule, such as you don't have what you need to graduate or you don't have both semesters of a year long course, Mrs. Frank will be available on August 22, from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm, to help fix any mistakes.  You can stop by her office, call, or email!  We will look to your registration choices from this Spring in order to make decisions about schedule changes.  Mrs. Frank will be available during open house as well.  

2.  Students have a safe summer, we will see underclassmen in September.  





At GFW we practice TBird Traits, we are Respectful, Responsible, Positive and Safe.

Contact: dulci.schmidt@gfwschools.org
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