What GFW High School Offers Students

Advisory Program
Each staff member advises 12-15 students for 10 minutes every day. They review student portfolio’s, review current events, discuss cultural awareness topics and have friendly competitions designed to connect with one another and the staff members.

Independent Studies program that meets individual student needs, whether they need to make up credits, earn college credits, take courses not offered at our school or to learn more about a particular field. The teacher meets with each student and they work together to plan a curriculum that meets the students needs and our requirements.

9th Grade Transition Program
Collaborative work with our Middle School staff and High School staff to get eighth grade students ready for high school life. The program includes site visits, teacher exchange, student exchange, summer bridging program and a focused 9th grade transition curriculum for the first four weeks of ninth grade. Team building and establishing relationships with high school staff is instrumental.

STEM initiatives
We offer two Engineering programs for our students that incorporate the elements of Math, Science, Technology and Engineering. One program is geared for two year college bound students, while the other is for the four year student. Some students take both and look for more. Students in either course take an end of course exam and gain three U of M credits if they pass with a high enough percentage.

Fine Arts
Excellent Fine Arts programming that includes Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Pop Choir, the Fall Musical and One Act Play. Students are able to show talents not seen and have the opportunity to be a part of something special.

Rural Health Careers
We work with our area health partners to provide students job shadowing opportunities, internships, and guest speakers to open our students up to more careers.

AP Programming
We offer four AP courses (Government, Calculus, Literature, Biology) for the students who are ready for college level work. Student take an end of course exam and depending on their score, they earn college credits.

Vocational Programming
We have six courses articulated with area colleges so students taking courses in Agriculture, FACS, Industrial Technology or Business can earn college credits at GFW. We work with Ridgewater College in most of these areas and have a great partnership developed with them.

High School SBT Goals
Over the past three years our focus has been on establishing relationships, increasing opportunities for students in academics and co-curricular’s, increasing rigor and collaborating with departments so students find relevance in their school work.

Our SBT School Improvement team has reviewed teacher, parent and student surveys in order to have data to make recommendations about our programming. We rely heavily on Breaking Ranks II information and information from the Models School Conference (Rigor, Relevance and Relationships).

Grade level team meetings
Focus is in student concerns, planning interventions, working together on collaboration projects/activities. Attended by 4-5 staff members, the counselor and principal.

Site Base Team (SBT)
A ten member council made up of three parents, two students and five staff members to make recommendations and decisions about issues affecting high school life and culture. There are three distinct sub-committees: Budget, Facilities and School Improvement.

Child Study Team meetings
select staff members meet every two weeks to review student cases, referrals from grade level meetings and make recommendations for additional interventions or testing.


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