"Fostering Lifelong Learners in a Caring Environment"

GFW Vision Goals:

  • Community members are involved with school issues and activities.
  • Business partnership, input, and support is encouraged 
  • Each student assumes responsibility for learning to the best of his/her ability.
  • Students are accountable for their actions and use school resources in a responsible manner.
  • Students understand and respect others including those who are culturally diverse and of different family structures.
  • Positive and helpful changes occur to assure a safe, caring, learning environment for all students.
  • Staff will be models for life long learning.
  • Clear and open communication takes place among staff, students, and community.
  • Parents/guardians provide a nurturing and safe environment.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible and accountable for their child's education and behavior.

30 Years of Excellence; 30 Reasons Why We’re Proud:

1. Three School Systems in One- GFW knows that it takes more than one type of system to educate students. We have three systems that work together to provide quality education from the elementary, through the middle school into high school.

2. Site-Based Management- Each of our three schools uses site-based management with members consisting of parents, community members, teachers, staff and students providing a wide range of input for strong decision making.

3. Smaller Class Sizes- Research shows that students perform better in smaller class sizes. GFW has the unique ability to offer our students this opportunity.

4. Variety of Activities- From fine arts to athletics, FFA to academic based activities, our school has a wide range of activities to meet the needs of a wide range of interests.

5. Sense of Community- GFW provides students and their parents a community-based education that helps them succeed beyond high school.

6. Competitive Academic Rigor- Not only is GFW in compliance with all of the changing state and national laws, but our belief is to surpass those goals to provide our students with learning excellence.

7. Student Centered Learning- We know our product is education and our customers are students. At GFW keep our focus on our students.

8. Small Town Values Nestled in Progressive Thinking- While our small towns provide the strong family and community values, we do not sit back and let the world pass us by. We keep up with the changing needs of our students.

9. Personal Interactions Between Teachers, Students and Parents- We believe in communication. Because of our size, our students have the unique opportunity to develop personal learning relationships with all of the teachers they encounter.

10. High Expectations for Student Learning- Our mission statement includes “lifelong learning” and we truly believe this. Our goal is to provide education that makes a difference to each of our students.

11. Extra Programs for At Risk Students- We provide a variety of classes and services for students who need extra help along the way. All students deserve an education and we help them any way we can.

12. Caring Environment- This applies to our students and our staff. We’re in the business to care. It’s an open-door policy and each of our staff members works above and beyond to ensure success in all areas.

13. Lifelong Learners- Our staff works hard at taking classes and workshops to continue learning, which in turn benefits our students.

14. Student Recognition Programs-Rewards are used to build strong student and staff motivation. We have a variety of recognition programs such as STOM, honor roll, reward day, T-Bird Spirit Awards, and others that recognize outstanding achievement.

15. Student Monitoring- We believe all students need an individualized education plan. Student improvement is not only encouraged, it is monitored and supported by the staff.

16. Pleasant Conditions- Our three sites provide pleasant conditions that encourage outstanding teaching and progressive learning.

17. Nontraditional Educational Opportunities- Besides the traditional courses, we offer articulated classes geared toward the business world, AP classes geared toward 4-year colleges, and alternative courses for flexibility which meets the students’ needs.

18. Student Decision Makers- We believe students count. That’s why we have students on the school board, student council, and students serving on site base. Our students know we care.

19. One Schedule Does Not Fit All- We tailor our programs and classes to the growing and changing needs of our students.

20. Positive Student Self-Concept- From the cook, to the bus driver, the teacher to the principal, and all the other employees, we believe all students are valuable. By getting to know students, we are able to understand them and help them excel.

21. Consistent Educational Experience- Because of our size, our students receive a consistent educational experience. There are no big surprises, and they have opportunities for which they look forward each year.

22. Focused Educational Goals- GFW provides an integrated system that is focused on the same goals and sends a consistent message to students.

23. Shared Leadership- Staff, students, parents and community members work together to provide a strong school system that is the center of each of the three towns.

24. Cohesive Teachers- Because our school size is smaller, our teachers have the opportunity to work together to create a strong curriculum.

25. Family Involvement- Small schools like GFW instill stronger family involvement, which in turn creates a positive learning environment.

26. School within a School- We offer programs that individualize the learning environment for our students.

27. Reduced Violence and Disruptive Behavior- We know our students. That personal involvement reduces violence and disruptive behaviors prevalent in larger schools.

28. Improved Attendance and Graduation Rates- We care, and so do our students.

29. Increased Student Visibility- Students are involved and are visible in the smaller school size that we offer.

30. Thunderbird Pride- We are proud of whom we are and what we have to offer. That pride is carried down from the top management to the guests who visit. We are proud of who we are and where we are going.

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