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Dear Parent / Guardian:

Communication between parents and teachers is the foundation of academic success for your child. The GFW Parent Portal enables parents to view information about your child’s grades, class schedule, attendance, assignments, test scores, transcripts, report cards, immunizations and fees. The system provides timely communication and between families and the school.

The parent portal is free of charge to GFW families.

To sign up, complete the on-line application. You will be enrolled in the program and provided with instructions and a pin number within a few days of yuur application submission

For Your Protection...
Parent portal accounts will only be mailed to the address we have on file for your child. Any applications not matching the information we have on file will be verified through a phone call to the number we have on file.

If you have a Parent Portal account from a previous year, you do not need to re-apply.

Please fill out all of the following fields to request your Activation Key. required *
Your authorization code and instructions to access the Parent Portal will be sent to you via US mail within a few days.
If you wish to receive your authorization code and instructions to access the Parent Portal by email, enter your email address below.
GFW Schools has opened the Parent Portal to enhance communication between our schools and parents. Rights to the Parent Portal will be granted to parents of currently enrolled students. Access to the Parent Portal is a privilege, not a right. Users of the Parent Portal are required to adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Users will act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner. 2. Users will not attempt to harm or destroy the school or the district’s data or networks. 3. Users will not attempt to access data or any account owned by another user. 4. Users will not use the Parent Portal for any illegal activity, including violation of Data Privacy laws. Anyone found to be in violation of these laws may be subject to Civil and/or Criminal prosecution. 5. Users who identify a security problem with the Parent Portal must notify the GFW Schools Technology Office immediately, without demonstrating the problem to anyone else. 6. Users will not share their password with anyone. 7. Users will not set their computer to automatically login to the Parent Portal. 8. Users identified as a security risk to the Parent Portal or any other GFW School computers or computer network will be denied access to the Parent Portal.
SECURITY FEATURES OF THE PARENT PORTAL 1. Access to the Parent Portal is made available with a secure internet site. 2. Three unsuccessful login attempts will disable the Parent Portal account. In order to use the account again you will need to contact the GFW Technology office to have the account reactivated. 3. You will be automatically logged off if you leave the Parent Portal web browser open and inactive for a period of time 4. All attempts at logging into the system are recorded and monitored, and an audit trail is tracked.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1. Internet connection of at least 56k modem speed or higher. 2. Internet Explorer version 5 or higher, MAC or Windows. 3. A computer that can run the appropriate browser version. 4. A monitor with the resolution set to at least 800 x 600.
You will receive a confirmation that your application form has been sent unless you have pop-up windows disabled in your web browser. In that case, you will return to a blank form. Do not fill in the form again. Your application was submitted.

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