Classroom Life
Class time is for speaking and learning Spanish. This is the time each day that is set aside for learning and using the language in as many ways as possible within the 48 minutes allowed. During that time, we like to learn in a variety of ways: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The activities can include games, singing, doing skits, group learning projects, worksheets, tests...the list could go on and on. I have included a picture of the Spanish Market that the Spanish Two students put on for some members of the student body from a couple of years ago. It was a learning experience in many ways. We had a lot of fun!
Spanish I
This course is offered to those wishing to learn a foreign language. Emphasis during Spanish I is placed in the areas of speaking and listening, and learning a lot of vocabulary. Some traditions and contemporary lifestyles of Spanish speaking people will be introduced. This class is offered to Sophomores and Juniors first with the remaining space opened up to Freshmen when available. Spanish class is a fun and challenging class that requires an open mind. Come and explore and ¡Pura Vida!
Spanish II
This course is a continuation of Spanish I and advances to an intermediate level of study in the Spanish language. Classes will be conducted in the target language most of the time. Students are expected to communicate in class in the target language as well. A writing project on a Spanish-speaking country is required second semester. There is a lot of emphasis on new grammatical structures and vocabulary.
Spanish III
Begins with some basic review and adds some thematical learning concepts. Projects may include: conversational testing, writing a children’s book, doing a project on a Spanish-speaking country, and writing an autobiography. We also learn many new verb tenses and vocabulary. Daily we speak Spanish, weekly we read and write in Spanish and monthly we try to cook.
Spanish IV
This class is for those that have successfully taken Spanish 3 and below. It is a self-paced class that you take DURING the Spanish 3 hour and you design different projects and areas you need to work on to further your Spanish progress. This is a new class offering for this year, 2007-08. ¡Bienvenido a la clase de español 4! :)
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