December 11th, 2018

Preparing for events we never hope occur is part of our plan to keep our students safe.

We have begun the process of ALICE Training at all three buildings to provide a better response to an active shooter scenario. It is a change/addition to the procedure we have had in place for years for a crisis situation.

The acronym ALICE gives us options and ‘tools’, but the order in which we utilize those will be dependent on the situation.

Alert - Get the information out to the kids and staff in plain everyday language so that each teacher can direct his or her students to take the actions that give them the best chance for survival.

Lockdown - If the best option is to stay put, we will fortify and barricade our room with our surroundings. The bad guy has a plan, the more we disrupt the plan the more time we buy for a response from law enforcement.

Inform - This means we get the best information we can in real time to all in the building. If we know where the bad guy is, we can better decide what to do.

Counter - Counter means to disrupt the bad guy. Creating a dynamic environment by throwing things, making noise, and moving are part of this. Counter is not fighting; it is taking control of the situation.

Evacuate - Get out. Our current plan is to stay put. The ALICE plan empowers our decision makers to get out of harm's way if that is the safest option.

We have had a district level training for all of our staff, and over the next several weeks and months we will be doing age appropriate training for each site.

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